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Environmentally Friendly Recycled Concrete

At American Concrete Products, we believe that you shouldn't waste perfectly good material. That's why we sell recycled concrete that can be used for driveway material, as a paver base,

as a concrete base, and as a concrete aggregate.


The only downside to using our recycled concrete is that some tramp reinforcing metal might remain in the recycled concrete. However, it's only a problem if you're planning to use this as a top coat, and can be easily removed by hand.

Recycled asphalt

Made from torn-up roads and driveways, recycled asphalt is another great option for your paving needs. The only difference between it and concrete is that it's softer and bonds back together when used as driveway topping.

If you want a quote for your project, send Brad an email with your specs and he'll get back to you.

Types of concrete and asphalt

Concrete and asphalt drop-off

In addition to selling recycled concrete and asphalt, we also accept concrete and asphalt debris. Please make sure to separate your debris before bringing it in, and feel free to call us with any questions.

We were established in 1950, and are still providing you with the same high-quality product today. Give us a call!

• 21AA crushed asphalt

• Crushed asphalt fines

• Crushed concrete fines

We're large enough to take care of all of your needs, but small enough to know who you are.

• 21AA crushed concrete

• 21AA crushed pavers

• Crushed concrete 1x3