Serving Livingston County

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Residential and Commercial Sand and Gravel

American Concrete Products has been producing gravel at one of the oldest gravel pits in Livingston County since we were established in 1950. You'll receive the same high-quality product today as was produced back then.


You can choose pickup or delivery for any of our sand or gravel products, whether you're a homeowner or a contractor. We pride ourselves on satisfactory service, so give us a call today to place your order.

Sand and concrete

  • 2NS washed sand

  • Class 2 sand

  • Class 3 sand

  • 60-40 concrete mix

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We've been established in the community since 1950, so you know you'll get the best products and service.

Types of stone

  • 21AA crushed natural stone

  • Peastone

  • 6A natural stone

  • Oversize stone

  • 6A limestone

Variety of concrete materials

In addition to sand and gravel, we're also providers of high-quality recycled concrete and asphalt and ready mix concrete. You'll find all of your paving supplies easily when you come to us.

Give us a call for up-to-date pricing information, or email us for a project quote.

We're large enough to take care of all of your needs, but small enough to know who you are.