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Affordable Foundation Mix

If you're looking for a low-cost alternative to traditional foundation mixes, why not try

American Concrete Products' recycled footing and wall mix? We replace natural coarse aggregate with recycled concrete aggregate, which has been shown to perform as well or better than a more standard foundation mix.


Plus, we produce our aggregate efficiently on-site, and therefore can pass the savings on to you!

Benefits of recycled aggregates

When you choose to use recycled products, you're helping to reduce landfill disposal space and preserve natural resources. You're also saving money by making a more cost-effective decision.

Get high-quality, affordable products and service from the company that's been in business since 1950.

Recycled aggregate information

  • Produced from crushing used construction materials

  • Produces concrete as strong as normal concrete

  • As durable as regular concrete when not directly exposed to severe environments

  • Can reduce concrete cost by 5-20%

Great selection of concrete products

If you're looking for something more traditional, we also offer high-quality ready mix concrete, sand and gravel, and professionally produced septic tanks for your residential or commercial needs.

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